Consumer credit: growth in outstanding consumer loans

The evolution of consumer credit production is generally on the rise. However, there are still some disparities within the same type of loan: revolving credit. This is revealed by the detailed study of the Banco de France. The evolution of consumer credit Consumer loans rose to + 6% in June 2018 against + 5.5% in […]

Credit in parental leave

With the birth of a child arise for parents different costs. The initial equipment for the baby, the interior of the nursery and prams and car seats for cars can be very expensive. If the savings are not enough, usually only one loan helps. However, a parental leave loan is only available under certain conditions. […]

Direct bank instead of house bank – Taking out a loan

For many consumers who need credit, the primary bank is still the first port of call when they run their checking account with a branch bank. This has the apparent advantage that you know each other, calls, an appointment and qualified advice. From the first idea to the payment of the loan usually take several […]

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