3000 Euro credit – cheap offers

What do you expect from 3000 Euro credit? Flexibility in the use of money? Freely used, you can use your loan as you imagine it.

How would you like to repay? In small installments? How do you like 24 months maturity (2 years) for your loan? 3000 euros are not a big sum. Most finance microcredit between 12 and 36 months in duration.

3000 euros credit – lowest-interest offer

3000 euros credit - lowest-interest offer

Comparing prices is always important. Nobody wants to pay too much for their credit. 3000 Euro loan amount is a classic small loan. Credit institutions often use small loan amounts to submit particularly favorable offers. In the current credit comparison, the Bankate leads the race of cheap microcredits.

3000 Euro credit, with 24 months maturity, the bank currently offers from 2.48 percent APR. The monthly installment amount for the offer interest is 128.22 euros. After 24 installments, the loan would be balanced. In total, 3077.28 euros would be repaid. Pure credit costs arise 77.28 euros.

Since this is a credit offer for the credit-based interest rate, the offer interest rate is not a meaningful clue. How much a loan actually costs shows the representative credit example. 2/3 of borrowers pay 2.69 percent APR. They repay 3000 euros of credit in 24 monthly installments of € 128.49 each. The total repayment corresponds to € 3083.75 or € 83.75 in borrowing costs.

Credit tip – Compare lending rates

Credit comparisons always list for the cheapest offer interest rate. At the top is almost always a credit-dependent loan rate. As a benchmark, this interest rate is not suitable.

In order to discover the actually most favorable lending rate, only the comparison of the interest rates of the representative credit example counts. The example credit shows the loan rate at which 66 percent of all borrowers actually finance.

3000 Euro small loan – credit-independent lending rate

3000 Euro small loan - credit-independent lending rate

With average good credit rating for lending, the “Zinspoker” rarely pays. From the beginning, the annual interest rate for fixed-term interest rate offers is fixed. Every borrower qualified to lend pays the same interest rate. An example would be the DKB credit. 3,000 euros with a two-year term cost 3.49 percent APR.

All borrowers pay, with a 2-year term, in 24 monthly installments of € 129.52 each. The debt is balanced by the agreed installments for a total repayment of 3108.53 euros. From the total repayment calculated 108.53 euros pure financing costs. In addition to favorable credit, Dunders offers all the benefits of modern online credit.

The loan may be applied for legally binding by videoident. All necessary proofs may be submitted to applicants via the upload function. After about 30 minutes of time everything is done. An automatic test procedure decides quickly about the small loan. 3000 euros could be on the way to the borrower 48 to 72 hours later.

Credit tip – private loan with poor credit rating

Small income or a “not so good credit bureau” cause problems with every loan request. Banks are only allowed to grant secure credit. This requirement does not meet private financiers.

Private credit need not come from the family or friends. Serious loans from private brokers Creditend and Trucredit. 3000 Euro credit is not very much money. Small loan requirements are easier for private investors to meet than a large debt rescheduling loan.

Trucredit credit – 3000 euros from private

Trucredit credit - 3000 euros from private

2/3 of all borrowers finance 3,000 euros of credit over Trucredit, 24-month term, at 12.10 percent APR. They pay 140.49 euros per month. Balanced would be the loan after two years and a total repayment of 3371.72 euros. The credit costs are 371,72 Euro. For a loan from private even then is still eligible, if banks reject the loan request.