The payday market is growing rapidly. New loan companies are created, and existing non-bank institutions are modifying their loan offer to increase the interest of potential customers. Every year, several new brands dedicated to selling short-term loans are created. Those in need of cash face a difficult choice of the loan company. There are several dozen non-bank companies to choose from tempting with the “best loan on the market” offer. All rankings and offer comparison websites are very popular among borrowers, which are supposed to make decision making easier. Loan companies are fighting for clients by conducting intensive advertising campaigns on television, radio and the Internet, and by introducing temporary or permanent promotions for new borrowers. The first loan for free is the most popular lure for new customers. Check in our ranking where you can get a free loan.

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1. POLO loans – new payday loans up to PLN 5,000

The new online loan is a loan offered by the POLOżyczka brand. This is a brand created by the Polish company SOLVEN Finance sp. Z oo On the lender’s website you can apply for short-term loans (so-called payday loans) for a period of 1 to 30 days. Young people may be interested in the POLO loan offer because of the company, as one of the few, grants loans to people aged 18 (loans from 18 years). The upper age range was set by the lender to 76 years. The smallest amount you can apply for is PLN 100 and you can borrow up to PLN 5,000. The latest online payday loans of the POLOŻyczka brand do not have to be connected with additional costs for granting the loan. Payday loans up to PLN 1,000 for new customers are for free and this is one of the reasons why you should get interested in the POLOżyczka offer.

2. LIME with new payday loans online according to the tariffs

New payday loans online can also be obtained at LIME. This brand belongs to Lime Kredyt Sp. z o. o. LIME has applied an innovative way of granting the latest payday loans on the Polish market according to the so-called tariffs. Each tariff sets out the loan terms in detail. VIP, Gold, Silver and Start tariffs are available. For example, in the START tariff, you can borrow from 100 to 800 PLN for a period of 7 to 30 days with an interest rate of 18% to 30%. A larger amount of payday loans can be obtained in the Silver tariff. The borrower can apply for an amount from PLN 100 to PLN 1,500 with the same repayment period as in the Start tariff, but with a lower interest rate of 15% to 25%. The higher the tariff, the larger the loan you can get on better terms. The more often you borrow at LIME and payback within the deadline, the better offers you get. In the VIP package, you can apply for loans up to PLN 3,000. Additionally, you can extend the loan repayment period for free.

The transition from the next tariff in LIME can be accelerated by, among others, expressing a positive opinion about the lender, recommending the offer to friends or by no delay in repayment. New payday loans online at LIME is an offer for people over 18 years of age. The loan can be obtained not only to a bank account, but also to a Paypal account or a personal Visa or Mastercard bank card.

3. New payday loans and consolidated loans in Ekassa

Ekassa also offers new loans online. The brand is created by a young team with experience in finance who acts as intermediaries of the best lenders on the market. Ekass’s offer does not include typical payday loans for 30 days. The loan can be obtained for up to three months. The borrower declares the amount of the non-bank loan and the repayment period of 1 to 12 weeks. The loan is repaid in installments. In addition to new online payday loans, Ekassa also has consolidated loans. You can borrow from 2,000 to 16,000 PLN for up to 12 months. Such a loan can be used to repay liabilities in other loan companies. With this loan, you cannot pay back loans at banks.

4. Informative with new free payday loans up to PLN 2,000

New instant payday loans can also be obtained on the Informative website. Payday loans are granted after the borrower’s verification in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) and in the Economic Information Bureaus (InfoMonitor, KRD, ERIF). The Informative loan offer may be of particular interest to people seeking free loans.

On the loan service, you can get up to PLN 2,000 for up to 30 days for free if you apply for a payday loan for the first time. Regular customers of Informative can apply for higher payday pay amounts, with a fifth payday up to PLN 5,000.

The latest payday loans – not always free for new customers

The latest payday loans - not always free for new customers

Many people follow the non-bank loan market and look for new payday loans on the market. Not all loan companies are introducing free loans for new customers, so sometimes instead of using offers of new payday loans via the Internet, it is worth analyzing the loan offer of non-bank institutions providing payday loans online in Poland for many years. It may turn out that the new online payday loan we have found will be less favorable than the offer of companies such as Milu or Wainga. Some people are looking for the latest payday loans on the market because in other loan companies they currently have a loan to repay or their loan application was rejected due to having financial debts. Borrowing money from one non-bank institution to pay off the debt in the previous one can lead to a spiral of debt. When you take out a loan in a parabank, you must always be sure that it will be repaid on time. On numerous internet forums, you can read posts from indebted people who have fallen into the financial trap and are looking for new payday loans online to cover previous financial liabilities.